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The way I see it…

The dictionary defines coincidence as a situation in which events happen at the same time in a way that is not planned or expected; mere chance, accident, luck. For the most part, I agree with this definition but I think there are times when an event is more than simple coincidence.


There are times when something happens that seems unplanned or mere chance that I believe are more than coincidence. There is no doubt in my mind that sometimes two separate events happen at the same time for a reason. Sometimes we immediately understand why the unrelated occurrences happened as they did, sometimes the understanding is slow to come, and there are some coincidences we will never understand or even know that they occurred.

There are a few times I believe things happened in my life that were not just coincidences. I will tell you about two.

When I was a little girl my mother was very sick.  During this time new neighbors moved into the house across the street. My mother took a cake over to welcome them. The man was a doctor.  They talked and he said he could help her. He identified the problem correctly, a fatal disease if not treated. She had treatment and lived another thirty some years.  And in my life, two people met in a hospital hallway purely by chance and had a short conversation. That conversation probably saved my life.

Was my mother taking a cake to a new neighbor, a doctor who recognized there was more than depression making her so sick a simple coincidence and was two people having a conversation about me just a coincidence? I don’t think they were.

The way I see it those two times of coincidence were
Divine Appointments.

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  1. I absolutely agree that some of the things that happen in our lives are divinely planned. In fact I suspect there aren’t nearly as many coincidences as we think. So often we look back later and realize how perfectly something worked out, or the right person entered our life at exactly the time we needed them! 🙂

  2. When I’ve had those kinds of things happen, I often look back and see God’s hand moving in my life. It makes me feel very humble and grateful.

    1. You are blessed to know that God is working in your life, many peeps don’t know this. We are loved and it is humbling.

  3. I wonder too. I call it synchronicity when a friend calls after I have been thinking of her, and one of my blogging friends blog post is on the same thing as mine. Good post Patricia

  4. I agree with you. I believe in divine providence, God’s intervention in this world. I also believe much of it is enacted by the orders of angels. Wonderful post, Patricia. Thank you. ❤

  5. Very interesting stories, sometimes it is coincidence and sometimes it is fate.

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