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The way I see it…

Everyone starts out just who they are no better or worse than anyone else. All people are equal as human beings. Everyone has good and bad things about them. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, talents and abilities.


There are people who are physically strong and those who are not. Some are mentally and emotionally strong and some struggle to have balance in life. Some are fearless and others are fearful. There are people who are generous and those who are stingy, those who are thrifty with time and resources and those who are wasteful.

Some people are intelligent and some have more common sense. There are people who have talent in the fine arts and others have expertise in building or fixing things. Others don’t have these talents or expertise but are excellent cooks, organizers, housekeepers, hobbyists, or caregivers. There are people who have ways with animals or children that are special. There are those who can speak to motivate and encourage people and there are people who are the ones that work to make the speaker’s vision a reality.

All of these people are important. Not one is better than the other as a human being. They all have their place in the world and a reason for their being in it. Some will make great contributions to society, some will have a smaller impact. It is true that some will abuse or waste what they have been given and that may make a difference in how they are perceived or valued as a person but they are still human beings who started life like everyone else as equals.

The way I see it…We all begin our journey the same and end our journey the same as equals. Whatever the in-between time is like is up to us.

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12 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge…E

  1. This was a lovely observation! You are so right that we each have our own special gifts and ways to shine, and our own private struggles too. I never see myself or anyone else as greater or less than me, just fellow travelers on the journey that maybe I can learn from!

  2. Patricia, this is a wonderful post. You present a necessary reminder here. We share a space, each in our own way. We need to allow each other to shine. It makes the world brighter for all of us. Hugs.

  3. Excellent post. I agree, we are all equal, each with our own God given talents.

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