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The Way I See It

They say, whoever they are, that people see a glass either half full or half empty. I am a half full kinda peep. If there is a glass with something in it, it is either full or partially full. If it has nothing in it, it is empty. Very clear to me.


I think I came to this way of thinking when I was about 8 or 9. I was sitting on the front steps of a friend’s house and she pointed to another house and said that the woman living there was divorced and the baby’s father was her second husband’s child but the older kid was the woman’s first husband’s child. My friend made this sound quite shocking. It wasn’t to me because my mother was divorced and my younger brother and I were the children of her second husband and my older brother the child of her first husband. When I told her this I think I remember her gasping and I know I remember her saying, “Then your older brother is your half brother!” Making it sound like there was something wrong with him.

I was completely confused by this. How could someone be a half person? I was pretty sure she was wrong but she was adamant and I could not make her understand. It really upset me because it seemed that she thought my big brudder was less than a whole person. How could this be?

When I went home I told my mother what my friend said and wanted to know if this was true. In no uncertain terms, Ma told me, Heck, no! There is no such thing as a half person, gosh darn it! My big brudder was my whole brother and anyone telling me differently didn’t know their butt from a hole in the ground and they could just flip themselves! She didn’t use those exact words but this is a G-rated blog.

What Ma told me made sense and we never spoke of it again.  The way I see it…some people just spend a lot of unnecessary time looking at what isn’t there and miss out on some really good stuff that is there.

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  1. I tend to be one of those folks who is just mighty happy to even have a glass, much less something in it! 🙂 My husband and I were talking about the “half-sibling” and “step-sibling” thing the other night. His children weren’t raised to think that way, nor were mine. They were brother and sister and see it that way as adults. With so many mixed families these days, it is a shame that people still try to find labels to divide and discredit them. Family can be so many things, and I have brothers and sisters who are no blood relation at all, but as close or closer than if they were.

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