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I2016is for I2016mperfection

The Way I See It


I overheard part of a conversation two woman were having about another woman and they agreed that the other woman was impeccable. The word impeccable means faultless; flawless; free from blame; not liable to or incapable of sin. I so wanted to ask them what they meant when they said the woman was impeccable and if they liked her, were they friends?

I have some wonderful friends but none of them are impeccable or perfect and if they were I don’t think we would be friends. I mean, how can you be friends with someone here on earth who is so perfect that they are without faults and incapable of sin? Truthfully, I doubt I would want to be a friend or spend any time with someone like that and I am pretty sure they would not want to be around me.

I like imperfection. I think there is a character in imperfection that can’t be seen in something impeccable. Being perfect would mean there is no reason to work on (or for) something, no reason for hope. I think Somerset Maugham was onto something when he said, “Perfection has one grave defect: it is apt to be dull.”

The way I see it…life is found in imperfection.

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  1. I think anyone who perceives themselves or someone else to be impeccable is probably a bit deluded in their thinking. No one is truly perfect, and if they were they would be mighty uncomfortable to be around. I have known one or two who thought they were close to perfect, but they were a bit deluded about that too, they were just as human and fallible as me. There was only One who was perfect, the rest of us continue to try to be more like Him.

    1. There are those folks who think they are always right and they do no wrong. And of course, they are way off in their thinking. Our goal is perfection and to attain that goal takes a lifetime.

  2. I love the way you see it about imperfection! Perfect IS boring… I am thinking that nothing or noBODY is perfect. What would I do if CH and I couldn’t pick out the imperfect potato chips in a bag and tell one another what they looked like. Or the Pepperidge Farm fish pretzels that are all stuck together… the best! Some of the best pictures I take are imperfect or the subject is imperfect. Life is filled with interesting imperfections! If I had perfect friends, they would soon be worn out with y imperfections.

    1. Yep, perfect is over-rated. Part of the fun of life is trying to figure it out. Being perfect would take the play out of the game.

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