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It’s Wednesday so another twofer.

First, In Other Words…Junk


She stood in the doorway and looked sadly at the room filled with worthless junk and knew the rest of the house would be the same. There had never been money to buy really nice things, most came from secondhand stores or charity shops and now would be carted off to the county dump. As she packed up room after room her heart was filled with memories of the family that had lived in this old place. They were all gone now and she was the only one left to remember the love that was shared in this happy home. Yes, it was cluttered with worthless junk going to the trash but she had the priceless memories of love to keep as treasures.

And, A to Z 

J2016is for J2016unk

The Way I See It


Usually, junk is just stuff we have collected that clutters our space. But sometimes junk is joy in disguise. There are things that we keep that are worthless to anyone else but to us, they are priceless treasures. Priceless treasure because of who the gift came from or where we were when we bought it. Precious and irreplaceable junk because of the memories associated with it that are pure joy. The way I see it…there is some junk that makes our lives rich and full beyond imagination or reason even if others think it is worthless.  And if someone thinks our treasures are junk who cares? I mean really, they probably have junk, too.

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
using the word junk.

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8 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge…J

  1. I think you’ve hit upon the key, we see things as treasures because they have meaning and emotional connection to us, and are often of little or no material value to anyone else. I keep a little box of treasures, that someday my children will surely puzzle at wonder why I kept it. Sadly, I also have a collection of junk that needs to be addressed and disposed of, the pile seems to grow all on it’s own! 🙂

    1. I have some treasures that are family pieces handed down and when I am gone there is no one that would want them. I hope that friends will want some of my treasures. Then there are things that I have that are really junk. I am sorting through it and have bags for Goodwill. Some of it is easy to let go of but I do find myself taking something out of the Goodwill pile now and then.

  2. Beautifully said. It was hard to go through Bill’s mom’s things when she passed away. They had feelings attached to things, so I just tried to assist. Bill’s brother was a hoarder, so that was very different, though I knew he had attached feelings to things he kept, too. One person’s junk is another person’s joy. Which will bring you to my offering for In Other Words this week! HUGS!

    1. It is hard to sort through the things of people you loved. My brother was a hoarder and I couldn’t go through everything in his house. I finally just hired someone to go in and pack it up and take it to an auction place. Sad, but his treasures were junk that did not give him joy.

  3. “Memories of love” ARE great treasures! Memories are like hope, where would we be without them both. I am with you and Eugenia about junk. CH has a lot of junk in his work shop but it is all good stuff to him!

    1. I think the saddest part of aging is when memory begins to fade. Hopefully, that won’t happen to me until I am much older but even now sometimes someone will talk about something we shared and I have to work at remembering the event or occasion. So far, so good.

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