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#AtoZChallenge & TLT

Here we go a two for one post again today.
A to Z Challenge Letter L and Three Line Tales, week 63

First the tale

photo by Gemma Evans via Unsplashphoto by Gemma Evans via Unsplash

Looking At Life

Hey, look over there, aren’t they the cutest things?  With the way they are looking at us all smiles, I guess they think we are pretty cute, too. Well, we are cute but I don’t know that I agree with you about them, because I think people are kind of weird looking.

And now A to Z

L2016 is for L2016ife

The way I See It


There were times in my life that I thought life was awful. I thought it was hard with little reward and mostly sad. When I look back on those times I can see that my attitude was the problem, not life. There were hard and sad times for sure and there were rewards but I didn’t see them. I was looking for an easy life without struggles and hurts. Because I am writing this about myself I can say this…I was really dumb!

I have learned some lessons since the time when I was less than smart. Life is not easy and there are struggles and hurts and these things bring with them hard work to do in life. When we do the work we get strong and resilient. We become more flexible and able to move with the rhythm of life so the ups have safety valves built in and the downs aren’t near-fatal crashes. There are still ups and downs but they aren’t as crazy and frightening.

Everyone looks at life differently. I know life can be hard and at times seem unbearable but these days I choose to look at life as good. Life is a gift, a gift I am usually happy with yet sometimes I would like to exchange it for another. But then I rethink that idea and figure I’ll keep what I have because though I might like it to be a little easier I am smarter now and know it could be a whole lot harder.

The way I see it…even when life is awful it is filled with awe.

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16 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge & TLT

    1. I would like to know what animals are thinking and feeling. I don’t agree with people who think animals don’t think. Maybe they don’t think like we do but they do think.

  1. I’m very sorry life has been hard and hurtful to you. I mist admit to being sorely disappointed too. I bought the propaganda: work really hard and you’ll eventually get all you deserve. Ha! I wish you more peace, happiness, and pleasure from life. 🙂

    1. I am sorry I wasn’t as clear as I could have been about my life. Yes, it was at times awful but I am blessed to be happy and have a good life. Life is hard work and worth the effort! Thank you for the good wishes.

  2. I loved the little lambs and their conversation about people. I often wonder what our furkids think about us. 🙂

    Your A-Z thoughts on Life are full of the wisdom that comes with years of experience. Life is not an easy ride, but attitude truly makes all the difference. We can fight it or flow with it, run from it or go with it. I’ve learned to let it be, and take it day by day with lots of prayer. It would be nice if life was always happy for everyone, but we can do our part to make it better with little acts of kindness and caring, and for sure we could have it so much worse. God has blessed me greatly, and I am thankful for that!

    1. I would like to know what Teddy and Jack are thinking but it is probably best that I don’t know.
      We do make life harder than it has to be just thinking about how hard it is. Silly peeps! You are wise to know that when we move our focus from self to others happiness happens.

    1. If lambs knew that people were thinking chops when they saw cute little lambs they would not think we are just weird looking but definitely not to be trusted.

  3. Ha! Some people can be considered “weird looking” by others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say.
    I agree with you about life and finding our way. My Lifeblood song for L is about that.

  4. So true, Patricia. We need to find our own way in life that makes us feel okay about being in our own skin and feel the awe of the moments. ❤

    1. Thanks, Olga. We spend a lot of time thinking about what others think that sometimes we really don’t know what we think ourselves. That’s sad and we miss much of the awe.

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