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TToT week 4/14…

Ten Things of Thankful

  1. Another lunch with friends I haven’t seen in awhile! It was fun to catch up and share the happenings of life.
  2. I got new curtains for my bedroom. Got the old ones down just fine but had to call for help to get the rod and new curtains back in place. Never had this problem before, bummer. But a friend came to my rescue. The curtains are up and we had a nice visit.
  3. We have had a lot of windy weather lately but there was one day when there was no wind so I could spray paint some containers on my balcony. I love to spray paint!
  4. A couple more things crossed off the to-do list and no new things added…for now.
  5. Finalized kitchen cabinet design and measurements. Once all ordered the work should start late May early June. Exciting!
  6. I had a couple of bad mood days.  I am most thankful that no one was around to witness my anger.
  7. I have been reading a lot which is wonderful.  But sorry blog world, you are in second place just now. Sometimes I have to step away from the computer to get my “nice” back. But I do love reading about what is happening to my cyber friends and reading the stories and seeing the photos they share.
  8. Looking forward to getting some flowers planted. Flowers doing their thing on my balcony make me wonder at the beauty we are given to enjoy.
  9. Today is my big brudder’s birthday! I will be forever grateful for having such a wonderful brother.
  10. I get my new balcony this week…if it doesn’t rain and if it isn’t too windy. It is going to look so awesome!

So, that’s it for this week.
Even with a couple of not so nice days because of my attitude
it has been a week of blessings and beauty.

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16 thoughts on “TToT week 4/14…

  1. It sounds like you will soon be seeing the fruits of your labors. How exciting! That would be me if I were trying to put up a new curtain rod. I would need help too. Lunch with friends and catching up on each other’s lives is a nice break and leaves one refreshed and motivated to return to tasks that need to be completed.

  2. Totally agree with #3 Spraying is one of those (available) tasks around the house that is totally fun and, in my case, not as simple to do well as it ought to be! I mean, serially! The color comes out in such light layers, my projects should be perfect when finished. Alas, being from the Land of Y Chromia, ‘more is more’ lol and so I keep spraying until it flows down the sides of whatever I was about to have perfectly painted.
    Sounds exciting, the new balcony and kitchen.

    1. I have to control myself when spray painting…I want to see the finished project immediately! I see my share of drips. New balcony gets installed tomorrow. \O/

  3. I have been planting a lot lately too. I can’t fight the urge to assist new life at this time of year. Hope the wind has cooperated for your balcony project!

  4. Those are 10 great things to be thankful for, Patricia. Take pics of your new balcony when finished and share, please. 🌻

  5. Happy Easter, Patricia. You have lots to share this week. Spring flowers and home projects are all signs of good energy and renewal of the season,. It feels good when we can get out of our own bad moods without sharing them with someone else. Have a good week.

  6. This was a great TToT list, Patricia! We all have the occasional day or two when we are out of sorts, and not at our nicest. I’m glad you are feeling better again. I think sometimes we need to step back from the computers for a bit too, it can get a little overwhelming. My personal rule is that life trumps blogging and I just do the best I can when I feel like doing it, and that’s good enough. We definitely get more accomplished when the electronics are shut down! 🙂

    I’m glad you had nice lunch with friends, and had a friend to help you put up those bedroom curtains. I used to be able to do it all myself too, but I am more cautious now about balance issues, it’s not worth falling!! It will be exciting to have your kitchen redone, are you going with dark cabinets or light ones? What kind of countertops?

    Flowers brighten up a balcony or front porch so much! I once lived in a townhouse with no garden or porch space, so I ran big pots of flowers all the way down the side of my driveway, it was pretty and fun… tomatoes too! 🙂 It will be nice to have a new balcony to enjoy along with your flowers! Here the wind is always blowing dust, so spray painting is hard to do, but it can make things look so pretty!

    I have a bunch of reading I want to catch up on, I never seem to get started on my pile of things to read, and I enjoy it so much. I need to organize my time better! Happy Birthday to your brother, I always wanted to have one! 🙂

    I hope you’ve had a nice Easter Sunday, and that the coming week will be a good one. Your friendship is a blessing to me, thank you! XOXO

    1. I think the biggest problem with the curtains was that I felt so shaky on the ladder. New curtains are nice but not worth falling for. Wherever I have lived I have planted flowers. There must be color and life to look at and play with and enjoy. I am only doing the upper wall cabinets, they will be white . A few years I got a new counter top and sink so that is staying and later in the year I hope to get new doors on the lower cabinets in a dark finish. I tend to feel guilty when I shut down the computer if I haven’t read, commented and responded to comments. I don’t know how people who get loads of visits and comments manage it. I don’t often have bad moods but when they hit it is pretty ugly. The cats don’t seem to mind but I am sure people think differently.

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