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N2016 is for N2016o

The Way I See It

Some people can’t say no and I don’t understand why
It’s a little word, just two letters and not hard to pronounce
If you don’t like something or don’t want to do something don’t be shy
Just say no with conviction and let it on the asking one pounce

Better to say no and not be swayed by a pretty word or two
So others won’t think they can have what they want
Simply with flattery and compliments for you
Thinking fine words will make you ever so compliant

I am pretty good, actually really good, at saying no
But not too fond of having it said to me
This trait some thought out of it I would grow
But I am stubborn and that was not to be.

The way I see it…it’s okay to say no when you want to.
Of course, there are times
when no is not the answer even if it’s what you want to say.
Then you just have to accept what is and do your best with a good attitude.

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13 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge…N

  1. I have found the peace and courage of saying NO as I have gotten older. What took me so long? At my age, 65, I don’t want to spend one minute doing something that I am not comfortable with or being with someone that I do not enjoy.

    1. Takes time to learn it’s ok to say no. Women are more or less trained to say yes to most any request. We are the ones who are taught to be pleasers and made to feel bad if we aren’t.

  2. Oh, wow…It is not easy, but there are emotional vampires who make it very difficult to care about them. They blame others for their own unhappiness. They say they love you but, insatiable, they then drain you dry. Needing to survive, I have had to learn to say, “No.” to these people. It is sad for me and for them, too.

  3. I used to be a doormat, modelled after my mother, never saying no, and then being unhappy because I’d agreed to something I really didn’t want to do. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that it’s okay to be choosy, and to do what’s best for me. I can say no now, when it’s with good reason, and I can say yes when I realize that it’s important for me to do so, even if not my favorite choice. I’ve learned to commit myself far less than I used to, then I don’t feel pressured or bad if I can’t meet someone’s expectations. I am like you though, and tend to be a little more unhappy if someone says no to me, but I don’t ask a lot or often, so it’s not a really big issue.

    1. I have made clear to my friends that it is ok to say no to me and not to feel bad about it. But those who say no that aren’t friends like customer service peeps or store clerks and people I don’t know that’s a different story. 🙂 I think before I say yes or no to things now. Makes life easier for everyone.

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