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P2016 is for P2016urpose

The Way I See It

When we are born we have a purpose. Over our lifetime, we will have more than one purpose,  big and small but all important in some way.  As babies and children, our purpose is limited and as we grow our purpose grows, too. Some people have a grand purpose in their life, a purpose that will affect the world. Others have a purpose that is narrow in scope and few are impacted. Many have a little purpose or a purpose that looks insignificant.


The lives of the highly educated and intellectuals, people with great energy and drive who make things happen may give us the impression that their purpose is more important than the person who is teaching school, cleaning houses, raising a family, a mail carrier, but this is not true.  Whether a person’s course affects many or just one is not the primary focus. The most important objective of purpose is to complete the task before us to the best of our ability.

We may think that those with a grand purpose like finding a cure for a disease, leading a country, inventing new machinery or tech devices are more accomplished in their purpose than someone with a purpose that appears less skilled or has less mastery to it. We may think some people are without a purpose; the very ill or disabled, uneducated or poor, jobless or homeless yet they too have a purpose. Sometimes those we think are without a purpose are there to give us our purpose to fulfill.

We may think we don’t have a real purpose, one that is important or imperative. But it may be the one thing we do without conscious thought, a smile or word for someone we pass on the street, opening a door, taking a meal or offering to do laundry for someone who needs help, these inconsequential things are important and purposeful. The way I see it…every day has a purpose, a reason why we wake up to a new day.

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  1. I agree with everything you’ve said! It is not so much what our purpose or role is, as it is about how much effort and love we put into fulfilling it. I do think we have many tasks in life to accomplish, or sadly pass by, ways that we can better the world even if it is just giving one person a kind word or something to eat!

    1. You hit it! It is not what our purpose is important but that we act on what we see as our purpose. Personally, I know I too often bypass my purpose for something totally selfish. Gotta work on that!

  2. This one is deep for me! Purpose is like hope for me… where would we be without it?
    “The way I see it…every day has a purpose, a reason why we wake up to a new day.”… so true!

      1. My purpose yesterday was to get the pantry restocked so we could fix some meals. My purpose today is to spend some time with my MIL who had a bad fall back in February. She needs her pantry restocked. I may add what my purpose is each day to my routine of journaling. My purpose every day is to keep my focus in the moment where I am… enjoy that moment.

  3. I believe that everyone and everything has a purpose. The Bible tells us this. I think that it our purpose to do our best, to do God’s will. How we achieve that is individual. That is where we use our personal gifts that He gave to use. I love the way you think. Hugs!

    1. It is our purpose to do God’s will. The trick is to recognize it. We expect some big announcement of what it is but most often it is a tiny thing and can be easily missed or dismissed. (((Annie)))

      1. I agree. I try very hard to keep that is mind: God’s will. Even when I pray, I think of what He wants. He knows more than I. I just ask for strength to do what He wants. I believe my purpose is small things. I am okay with that! HUGS!

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