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The Way I See It


I am quiet. I like quiet. I need quiet. That’s just the way it is and has been all my life. One of the things I disliked about school (and there were many) was the noise. First grade was a shock. It was never quiet. There was always some noise. In third grade, I had a wonderful teacher who every afternoon turned the lights off and had us put our heads down on our desks and rest…quietly. It was the second-best time of the day, the first best being when we could go home.  I really didn’t like school!

Working was often difficult because most of my working life required talking and listening to others talk…a lot. Somehow I made it work.  Like school, the best thing about work was the time to go home…getting paid helped keep the angst of being there controlled.

Because I like quiet I tend to stay to myself. I have to be careful that my desire for solitude doesn’t isolate me from people and life. I make a point to make plans to meet friends and when invited somewhere I make sure that when I get there I join in with the group. No matter how much fun I may have and how much I enjoy my friends I am happy when it is time to go home…where it is quiet and I am alone.

I know some folks think I am terribly shy, others think I am “stuck-up” or a snob and think I am better than they are but none of that is true. I am not antisocial or weird. What I am is a quiet person who likes being alone most but not all of the time.

The way I see it…I may be a little ditzy but I am basically normal. Well, except for that quiet and alone thing, I guess.

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17 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge…Q

  1. This post describes me too, I love quiet, it is comforting and peaceful. I can and do enjoy people, but only for awhile, and then I am ready to return home to recharge. Noise is very draining to me, as is too much conversation, especially if it is at a superficial level. I really loved school when I was young because I enjoyed learning, but the older I got the less I liked it because of the social aspects that I wasn’t very suited to. Now I love being home in the quiet with my cats, even the tv is too noisy. I leave it off until Papa Bear comes home.

    Josie Two Shoes: R is for Raine

    1. I liked the learning part of school but it bothered me that others didn’t and were often disruptive. I think because I am now ok with being who I am and I am not trying to fit in I am better at the social stuff. Not a lot better but ok.

  2. I have always needed quiet to recover. I didn’t have kids so I’m not used to constant noise. When my granddaughters come for a week, I often take naps or retreat to my bedroom in the afternoon to recuperate. I like people but in small doses (and I prefer if they go home at night!).

    1. I have a couple of friends that come to visit for a day or two and that is fine but I have no interest in a roommate. I remember when my brother’s kids were small…there house was like a zoo.

      1. I’ve discouraged friends to stay here as there are some good hotels nearby. For family my mantra is “guests and fish smell in three days” so they usually try to plan other local excursions. My husband’s entire family lives in all different states so it was getting out of hand. We became a “destination.” Nice place to stay, free food and lodging and local stuff to do. After a summer of guests every other weekend, I got tough. Definite no on a roommate.

        1. You have the same philosophy as my Aunt Agnes did. She was fine with visits as long as they were short and sweet and not too often.

  3. I hear you on quiet. In school kids thought I was a snob but I was just quiet and lacking self esteem. I have a better sense of self now but people still have a tendency to see me as a snob/standoffish or being selfish when I really am just shy, quiet, and not able to always form the words to make my voice heard. I also have a tendency to retreat from all things when I feel pressured. I am quirky too which is almost always difficult for people to relate to .I have been spending time at introvertdear dot com… been very interesting 🙂 Your A to Z Challenge has helped me so much lately during a challenging time.

    1. I am not so shy as introverted but people see that as being shy. I hear you about being quirky, it is hard for folks to understand and they are sometimes out off by it. I am going to check out the introvertdear site. Thanks for mentioning it. I am happy my little essays are helpful. Email me and I will pray for/with you if you are comfortable sharing. Ok if not I will just pray for your strength and peace during this time of challenge.

      1. Thanks Patricia… it isn’t a health issue or anything serious but it is a change in our life that has been hard to decide about and we have been dragging our heels moving forward. I am thinking we are getting it organized… my fingers are crossed. Thank you so much for the offer of prayers, they are always welcome.

        1. Making decisions is difficult for me. I think and plan and make lists then I get tired of all that and just make a decision. It usually all works out just fine.

    1. I think most if not all people need some quiet time alone. Maybe not as much as me. I do know some that are always very uncomfortable in the quiet and that to me is sad.

  4. I like quiet, too. I like to be able to hear the dogs breathe, cats purr, the windchimes outside my window, my thoughts, and God. Noisy places make me tense. It feels unnatural. Noisy people are often insincere, as if entertaining. That’s how I see it. *wink* Hugs!

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