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S2016 is for S2016weet S2016orrow

The Way I See It


One of the facts of life is that we all experience sadness and sorrow during our lives. When you know the joy of love you will also know the sorrow of parting.  Whether the parting is for just awhile or forever, by choice or forced, due to circumstances or death there is sorrow in life.

As joy is subdued by the thought that nothing in this world is forever so sorrow is touched with the grace of memories. It is by the grace of memories that sorrow moves through darkness bringing us back into the light of joy. This journey is not effortless or uncomplicated and though we do not suffer the journey alone it is ours alone to take. We must bear the burden of heartache and loneliness within ourselves finding our way with tears to soften the pain.

Once we come to the end of the journey of our grief we enter a place of solace and can again know the comfort of peace. We will have learned we are stronger than we thought, there is light even in darkness, tears are cleansing and heal our wounds.

The way I see it… one of the lessons of life is that with love there is the joy of wholeness and the sweet sorrow of parting.

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  1. Bittersweet, my friend. Sorrow is unavoidable. We each seek solace in our own way, and sometimes that is alone. What does not kill us, makes us stronger. We survive because we are meant to. Storms never last. And when the sun comes out, we see the ones who are left and care. Hugs.

    1. I do think sometimes we retreat in our sorrow for a time but we are not alone. When we are in the deepest of sorrows our Comforter hold us close until we can emerge again ready to bask in His joy.

      1. When I withdraw from the world, it is to be closer to God. Always. I have lost “friends” who did not understand that. People are an earthly connection, but often, I need to sort out things like sorrow. God is my source. When I am ready, I will re-connect with people. It is one way you find out who really cares.

  2. Losing those we love is one of life’s hard lessons, no matter what form it takes, but I agree with you that we can make peace with it, knowing that birth and death are cycle, as are gain and loss. Nothing lasts forever, except the love and grace of God. We are all much stronger than we think, and we can bear the burdens in our lives knowing that we don[‘t bear them alone. It all comes from taking life one day at a time, and surrounding ourselves with people who encourage and uplift us. Together we are stronger, and life continues.

  3. Sorrow can be comprised of such a mix of emotions as well as the memories and apprehensions about the future. Sorrow passes until the next one comes along.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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