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#A to Z Challenge…T

T2016 is for T2016hinking

The Way I See It


I have been thinking about what to write for today’s letter, T. I started thinking this morning but after I read the paper and did the puzzles I didn’t feel like thinking anymore so I took a nap. Then when I got up from the nap and got dressed I started thinking again about what to write using T. Still no thoughts I wanted to use in a post.

I thought maybe I would be inspired if I moved around and got some work done. I spent a couple of hours cleaning the kitchen…even cleaned under the stove and refrigerator. Still, no scintillating ideas related to T so I had something to eat and read for awhile. Then I did laundry and played games on my tablet and fed the cats their supper.

Now here I am typing away about nothing related to T except that I have been thinking about it. I don’t have anything and don’t think continuing to think about T is going to change that fact.

The way I see it…sometimes thinking goes nowhere and ya just gotta stop and do something else. So toodles and tata for tonight.

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9 thoughts on “#A to Z Challenge…T

  1. I know this feeling well, sometimes the mind just draws a blank and there is no forcing it. And yet, it looks like that is Teddy up there, rolling his eyes and saying “What about me, what about me? My name starts with a T!” :-))

    1. Oh dear, and I never mentioned the Teddster! I think the hard letters are at the end of the alphabet and that makes the end of the challenge more challenging.

  2. Well, I think you got it. Today was all about Time spent on chores and daily Things, and also about Time spent Thinking about Things to Type. I liked this! I am already thinking about 2018 A-Z and my theme! HUGS!

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