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The Way I See It


Have you noticed that when music is loud or a room is noisy people talk faster and when they talk faster they move faster? There have been studies on this. Don’t ask me who did the studies because I only remember reading about the studies but not who did them or where they were done. Anyway, because I read about the studies I have on occasion done my own quasi-studies of the phenomenon of volume and velocity and agree with the professionals.

The places that have benefitted most from the professional studies are stores and restaurants. It has been proven that when the music is turned up in restaurants people talk and eat faster and don’t linger at the table. When they eat faster and don’t linger it allows the restaurant to seat and serve more people. In stores when the music is loud people tend to look at the merchandise more quickly and make their selections faster and tend to make more impulse purchases. So, volume and velocity mean more business and more money spent which means more profits and we all know that’s what makes the world go round.

While pondering this I got to wondering if I were to turn the music up loud in my apartment if I would move faster and get more done. After pondering awhile I decided not to test the theory because I don’t like loud music; it makes me cranky and that is not a good thing. Besides no one pays me to do anything in my apartment so there are no profits and therefore no chance for greater profits.

The way I see it… there is no reason for me to change the volume and velocity of my life. I am quite happy quietly and slowly doing very little.

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20 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge…V

  1. Fast, not necessarily loud, music motivates me. I like to dance, which I add to my daily exercise routine. Loud “anything” gets on my nerves.

  2. Give me quiet any day. There are times when I am alone in my car and I like to tune in to the oldies and if Smokey Robinson or some college era song I love comes on I turn that radio up and rock all by myself!

    1. The other day I saw a woman just rockin’ away all by herself in her car…with the windows down. It was funny to see and hear but also made me happy to see someone so enjoying themselves.

    1. I will have to try the fast music thing when I clean. Does it help keep you on track? My biggest problem with cleaning other than not wanting to do it is being distracted.

  3. I have read about these studies and observed the phenomena myself. Not only is the music in stores and malls programmed to stimulate customers to buy, but the layout and decor is purposely designed to disorient shoppers in order to make them more susceptible to making quick buying decisions. In essence they are intoxicated by the environment which decreases inhibitions and willpower–drunk on the shopping experience.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I am not much of a shopper these days. I used to like to wander through the stores but now I have a list and rarely look at anything other than what I am shopping for.

  4. Absolutely, I agree. Bill is a guitar player. He used to have a Classic Rock band. When they played loud or raucous music, the crowd reacted by dancing and becoming active. The softer songs encouraged them to be quieter. They used to plan sets to build. Set 1 would gradually increase in energy. Set 2 would be pretty rowdy. Set 3 would taper down pretty quickly to the finale. It worked for everyone. Your Place? Your way! Hugs!

    1. I used to love going to rock concerts or bars with rock bands. These days I stay home and listen to quiet music on Pandora and I haven’t been to a bar in years.

      1. I have never liked bars, but I understand that this is where the ones who want live music congregate. So, I go to support Bill. He goes to share his art. He does play for private events, too. He is good. I hope to get a video of him sometime. He is creative and technical with his craft. I respect that. Me? I prefer quiet…to read and write. Hugs.

          1. If you lived here, I would take you to the J & L Club (tongue in cheek name). The only time it gets lively is when Bill plays guitar, and Bill is all about quality, not volume. It is fun when Jack’s son comes up from Nashville to play with Bill. Wow. For two hours, it is awesome. Then we go home. *wink*

  5. I had never thought about this connection, but I realize that it is true. It makes me sad that we live in a world where so many things are subtly manipulated. Loud anything makes me feel agitated, so it definitely wouldn’t have the desired affect of making me more productive, while something calm and soothing just might. 🙂

    1. Noise does not make me more productive. I tend to shut down when it is noisy because it seems chaotic to me. I am so thankful for Pandora it has the best new age instrumental and ambient music!

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