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W2 is for W2eeping and W2ailing

The Way I See It


Some people think crying is a sign of weakness and do their best to never cry. But tears are important. They cleanse and restore red, sore, tired eyes. Without tears, we would not see clearly. Tears also help our bodies deal with the injuries we experience. When we are in pain tears help relax our muscles and ease the pain. Tears also help when our hearts hurt.

When we are sad, grieving a loss, disappointed, depressed, ill, angry, or weary we need to weep. Children know this inherently and cry easily when their hearts hurt. Sadly, they learn to restrain their tears and become adults who have forgotten the easing of hurt that tears bring to the heart and do their best not to cry.

Yes, there needs to be some self-control of our weeping but to not ever cry is not healthy. We need the release and cleansing of tears to heal our hurting hearts. I do not like to cry in public or when anyone is around and do my best not to…I have learned my lessons well it seems. But when alone I weep letting the tears flow free and furious and find it restores me and I can face the world again with a calm and peaceful attitude.

The way I see it…it is important to weep and sometimes
ya just gotta let go and wail!

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8 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge…W

  1. I agree! I feel sorry for people who have been taught that it’s shameful to cry, or a sign of weakness, and thus hold all their hurts inside. Tears are a sweet release, I know that when I am at the breaking point and the tears begin to fall that Jesus comes to wipe them away. Before long I am at peace again.

  2. Boy! I’m going to keep that in mind the next time my computer is being stupid! Most folks go to someone and say, “Fix it”. I’m the fixer in this house, and if I can’t get something going again, it’s bad. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I can get disturbed and weepy over issues with animals but I don’t cry about much of anything else. I think it would be good if I could just let it all out!

    1. The older I get the more sensitive and emotional I seem to be. I rarely cry when anyone is around to see me but when alone I do let it all out now and then. It is very freeing.

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