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X2016 is for X2016ing

The way I See It


X can signify many things. It can indicate an error or that something is unidentified, it can be used as a symbol of a kiss or where something is located. On a ballot or test, it shows our choice or answer and it can be used as a signature of someone who cannot write.  X on a street or traffic sign tells us that something is crossing at this place and caution is necessary.

The way I see it…X means I am xing off today’s A to Z letter
which is X and my post is done.


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4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge…X

  1. Yes, off with the X, and on to Y and Z! We’ve nearly completed it, Patricia, and what an adventure it’s been! I’ve really enjoyed your posts this month! So far, you are the only person who wrote to remind us that X can be a symbol for kisses, that made me smile, because I use XO all the time in my comments!

    Y is for Yvonne

    1. I am glad to see x gone and ready for y and z to be done, too. I really like the challenge but when it gets down to the last few letters my brain is sort of mushy. I am going to read all your posts Sunday…just like it’s a book!

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