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 Y2016is for  Y2016awn

The way I See It


There is nothing like a really good yawn. One with stretching of arms and legs, turning of the head and shoulder shrugging. Of course, a big aah inhale and a nice long exhale with an extended ooh added for emphasis is imperative.  Sometimes you have to stifle a yawn to be polite. When this happens the yawn is completely useless; there is no sense of satisfaction or fulfillment just a feeling of imperfection and failure and the obsession to yawn again.

When you are tired and yawn it helps you relax and get comfy for a nice slipping into sleep. I think even dreams are better when they are preceded with an all out yawn before going to sleep.

If you are bored a big yawn fills your lungs with fresh air and that takes some of the tired boredom out of your brain. It also tells whoever is doing the boring (and sometimes it is yourself) to move on with whatever it is they are trying to do. If they (or yourself) don’t take the not so subtle hint the yawn will resurface. A yawn will not be denied the completion of its assignment and will continue to pop up until it is successful in its mission.

The way I see it…yawns are meant to be enjoyed completely and without inhibitions.

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15 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge…Y

  1. I am so suggestive to yawns. I can read the word and yawn. If anyone says it, I do it. If they do it, oh, good grief, it is ridiculous. I am yawning now. Good post, but now I feel sleepy…xo

  2. So true, Patricia. A wonderful tribute to yawns. I happened to yawn reading the word. Just a reflex, not a comment. Ha ha! ❤

    1. I wonder if a tribute to yawns has been done before? They are one of the pleasant things in life we think very little about or appreciate.

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