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My balcony in April…

What the balcony looked like before
with the nasty railing and the limited view.

What the balcony looks like now
with the new railing and a view.

So much better!
It is truly like living in a treehouse.

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25 thoughts on “My balcony in April…

  1. The balcony really is lovely! I would enjoy sitting there! I am a lover of trees and you are right up there surrounded by them. Don’t want to rush spring and summer but I bet it will be gorgeous in fall. Enjoy your balcony and lovely view!

    1. It is wonderful sitting out there. I, too, love trees. I read a book , The Hidden Life of Trees, that was fascinating. They communicate with each other and form “friendships” and support each other. Quite remarkable. All the seasons have their beauty and I look forward to viewing them from my nest.

      1. OhMyGosh, I will be checking today for The Hidden Life of Trees. It’s going to be raining again in Missouri for two days and I can’t think of a better thing to do but settle in with a book about trees. Thanks for the heads tip.

        1. Let me know what you think of the book. It was fascinating. You will appreciate trees more than you ever have before. Only problem is I now want to cry when I see a tree has been cut down.

      2. I heard a piece on the radio about how trees communicate. Really interesting- especially the part about the underground micro fungal network, and how they pass nutrients to sick trees. It was your view of trees which struck me too 🙂

  2. Wow! Amazing change. A happier space to enjoy. Now your plants will love the extra light. Looks wonderful. ❤

  3. This looks more secure, yet so pretty. The railing seems to add to the scenery, now. Just in time for you to enjoy the flowers, birds, and beautiful scenes of warm weather! Hugs.

  4. Wow, what a major improvement!! I can see why you love it, now the light and beautiful view can be enjoyed, before it was a lot like a closed in box if you were sitting. You are going to love this and I’m sure the furkids do too! 🙂 How nice of the building owner to make such a great, classy update!

    1. It was like sitting in a box. So much nicer now. The catkids and I have been spending more time out there. As one of the building owners I am very happy with the improvement as our property values have gone up with the beauty of the railings and view. Well worth the cost which was considerable. Should have been done years ago but to get 84 homeowners to agree on anything is a battle.

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