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The victory…

Write a story or poem of 5 lines or less
using the word victory.

The Victory


She knew her family and friends would see what she had done as giving up the perfect life of riches and privilege for one of defeat and hardships. She had done what had to be done and it was not a defeat. She had lost many battles but she was determined to win the war and if that meant facing the unknown so be it. Today she was taking that first step toward victory. With trembling and tears, determination and courage, she took her kids and left.

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6 thoughts on “The victory…

  1. This is an important story. I grew up in this kind of environment. Women do need to be warriors, especially when there are children involved. Thank you for your great comment on my story. HUGS!

  2. Powerful truth in this story, Patricia! Her victory was in finding the courage to take that first step to freedom and much better life for her and her children! So often people judge things as they appear to be, without having any idea about what’s really going on. I trust her to have made the best choice in the situation, and I’m cheering for her all the way!

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