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CTST, rain, and advice…

Celebrating The Small Things


I am celebrating the soft rain we had yesterday.
No thunder or wind with it. Just raindrops falling quietly.
Last week there was a ferocious storm which was exciting to watch
but came down too hard and fast and then drained away without giving
the earth a good soak so the flowers and grass did not benefit much.

I am also celebrating the end of the A to Z Challenge.
It really is a good exercise but does take some discipline.
It would be easier if I did the posts ahead of time but I don’t.
Every year I tell myself I will be more prepared so that
April won’t seem so rushed and every year I
wonder why I didn’t take my own good advice.

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16 thoughts on “CTST, rain, and advice…

  1. We had more than enough rain this last week. Everything is still so wet and much under water. But I love rain. Congrats on getting through A-Z! I’m always impressed by those who can make it through–so much work!

    1. A to Z is a bit of work but if organized and disciplined it need not be. Of course, organized and disciplined isn’t high on my list of priorities.

  2. It’s funny but every other post I’ve read recently has been talking about rain. The US must be underwater by now. Send some to Egypt! The A-Z really is a challenge. Yay for you taking it up the gauntlet and doing so well. Have a great weekend!

    1. Well, it is a week since I wrote this post and I could repost it because today was a day of beautiful cool soft rain. Wouldn’t it be nice if countries could share good weather!

  3. Rain can be soft and gentle and very lovely, it also could come with strong winds and hailstones and flood waters from excess rain. Rain is always a topic of discussion and has been since the beginning of time. I live in farm country a neighbor fellow was never happy with his rainfall. He claimed the time when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, they just had a trace at his farm.

    1. Yes, rain can be awful when it storms wildly. We have had terrible floods the past few years…some areas still haven’t fully recovered.

  4. The cat painting is wonderful! I love gentle, soaking rains. So many areas were inundated with storms and flooding this past week, my heart goes out to them.

    I totally agree about the A to Z, I enjoy it so much, but wouldn’t feel nearly as time-constrained if I got my act together and wrote my posts ahead of time. Maybe next year will be the year I finally do that! 🙂

  5. We have had so much rain that our rivers are flooded! I love rain, so hope that we can level off and enjoy it as it comes.I love your painting of the cat. I agree; the A-Z takes a lot out of us! I really hope to have a handle on it before March. I don’t get in as many visits during the month, because I am working on posts! I will go back, now and enjoy others. Thanks for being part of my journey. Hugs.

    1. The last few years we have seen flooding and some of it devastating but so far this Spring just normal rains. I am still way behind on visits. I doubt I will catch up any time soon.

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