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Kindness Challenge, intention…


Niki at The Richness of a Simple Life has her Kindness Challenge for 2017 up and ready to go. For seven weeks there will be a kindness challenge for the week. Niki will give a prompt and some thoughts to help get us thinking.  The first three weeks the prompts will be with the inward focus of self-kindness and the following four will be outward, focusing on others and how we relate to them with kindness.

My intention in doing this challenge is simply to be more aware of the where, what, when, why, who, and how of kindness in my life.  I know I am not unkind but I am often unthoughtful or absent to the kindness needed around me.  I sometimes allow busyness or laziness to excuse my inattention of those around me. They may be friends or acquaintances who would benefit from kind attention from me or perhaps there is someone I don’t know personally but know of who needs kindness shared with them.

I participated in last year’s Kindness Challenge and it was something of a challenge…I wasn’t always comfortable with what I was being made aware of but it was worth a little discomfort to be given some insight to who I am and how to become a better me.

See you later in the week with my response to the first week’s prompt…Self-love.

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6 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge, intention…

    1. It is a tricky challenge for me. I am pretty transparent but I think it is important to have some cover here in cyberdom and so the biggest challenge for me is not to be naked and over exposed emotionally and yet not to hide.

  1. Patricia, this is amazing. I really am looking forward to following you on this journey. I will be journaling my own response. Hopefully, next year I will have the courage to blog it. Hugs.

    1. It is not an easy challenge but worth the effort. Last year the hardest part was editing my reflection posts but not over editing. Sometimes it is hard to say what you mean without saying too much.

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