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CTST, ready for action…

Celebrating the Small Things


Today I am celebrating the end of a rough week or so. Nothing terrible happened just a little flare of a bothersome chronic health issue. A bit of a challenge but not insurmountable. I am feeling almost normal…whatever that is…and will be back to regular posting of my nonsense, responding to comments and reading your blogs in the next few days. It may take awhile to catch up because I am still a tad tired but I am ready for action!


It amazes me how we are wonderfully made. Even when things are not to our liking and we think we are less than we should or want to be the truth is life is a gift. Sometimes the wrapping gets a little ragged but the gift is still a miracle.

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10 thoughts on “CTST, ready for action…

  1. I always remind myself that even my worst days aren’t bad days, others struggle so much more, some just to survive until the next day! Life is a gift, as are the wonderful people and furkids we have in ours, the magnificent scenery we are given to delight our eyes, and the light in our spirits that guides us Home.

    1. We have four people who live here that are in wheelchairs and a couple folks that have debilitating illnesses. Makes me feel like a real wimp when I complain about my bothersome stuff.

  2. This week was quite the bugger. Not only mine, but those around me also have collected many frustrating, tiring and down-right ridiculous stories these past days. Maybe that means wonderfulness next week for all!

  3. I am glad you are feeling better! We had a busy end of week so I am trying to catch up, too! I love the thought about the wrapping getting a little ragged but the gift of life is a miracle!

    1. It is the gift that is the blessing not the presentation of it. Took me some time to learn that but it’s a lesson I will not forget.

  4. Oh, yes. Amen. Every day is a new experience, even when we think it is the same routine. I am thankful for each little thing I see. In fact, I make sure to thank God for sharing it with me. Yesterday, I saw a pair of Sandhill Crane with a tiny newly hatched chick! It was the size of a duck! The parents are about 4′ tall. That was the smallest baby I have ever seen! I was thrilled! There is so much to get us down, but if we really try, we can find the blessings. Thanks for being one, my friend. Hugs.

    1. Yes, there are blessings even in the harsh realities of life. When we take the time to express our gratitude we recognize the great grace we are given. Thank you for the encouragement and hugs!

  5. I am glad you are feeling better. Yes, our wrapping does get a little tattered but putting ourselves back together makes us stronger. 😃

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