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For years we were told that if we worked hard and were determined to finish the course set before us we would graduate and stand far above the crowd and ready to shape the new exciting future. We did what we were told and obeyed the rules believing we will be special and unique leaders, people to be noticed, looked up to and followed. Well, here we are graduating and blending in with the crowd like some berserk scientist went mad in his laboratory making Barbie and Ken clones.

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14 thoughts on “Crowds…

  1. Isn’t that the truth! I know more than a few young people who talk about this experience, believing that they are on the path to a bright future, only to be confronted with the reality of low paying jobs similar to what those without further education can obtain. I think we need to be more creative in our approach, provide more avenues to future careers and life experiences, and I think that 17 or 18 is almost always too young to decide what you want for your entire life! We don’t need more clones in the world, we need more creativity and more compassion!

    1. There came a time where I worked that only people with college degrees were considered for employment. I used to feel bad for new hires with college degrees who made the same wages (or less) as me, a high school dropout.

    1. I am happy you had a laugh with my silly story. Sometimes I wish I could draw or paint so I could put the images in my head on paper. Words really don’t do them justice.

  2. Super story and so true. We’re all brought up to believe we’re special, but the world is full of special people. Have a great weekend!

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