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FFI week 54…

Friendly Fill-Ins, week 54

  1. I have googled and though I am glad to have it as a resource I spend way too much time googling nonsense stuff.


2. I have been told I should sell the baby sweaters and blankets I crochet on Ebay. But that seems like a lot of work with a potential for big problems. Work and problems don’t interest me.


3. I think the earth is a wondrous place but I think the world is a mess.


4. I know someone who thinks she is always right about everything. But I know that’s not true because my thoughts are often different than hers and I am never wrong. haughty

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10 thoughts on “FFI week 54…

  1. These are wonderful, clever answers, and the last one was the very best! I think most of us know someone like that… and that one in the mirror too! 🙂

  2. I google too much nonsense stuff too but It sure does take my mind off of things if my worry button is stuck in the on position. I just make sure I stay away from Dr. Google… 🙂 I am really with you on #3.

    1. Dr. Google can be skeery! I don’t go there either although I did go to the Mayo Clinic site to see what’s wrong with my thumb. Seems there is a fungus among us.

  3. You are wonderful. You make me think and you give me a good chuckle, sometimes, too. Thank you for both of those. I am glad we are friends. I think I know someone like you mentioned. Yeah…I am sure I do. HUGS!

  4. Thank you for participating, great answers. I know what you mean about Etsy, it would take the joy out of what you do for enjoyment, Have a great weekend!

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