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FFI week 56, I’m boring…

Friendly Fill-Ins week 56

  1. A law I would like to see passed is …I don’t know. I guess if everyone just paid heed to “Love your neighbor” we wouldn’t need so many laws.

2. My favorite card game is …I don’t have a favorite but I do play Free Cell and Forty Thieves on my reader.


  1. With Summer unofficially here, it is hot and the a/c is needed and I am not happy.  I don’t mind the furnace on in the winter but I don’t like “conditioned air”. But then I don’t like nature’s hot humid air either, it makes me cranky.


4. A favourite Summer memory is …I am sure there are many but I can’t think of a   favorite. When I was a kid just not having to go to school was enough to make me happy. 


These were hard fill-ins this week.
I was going to read other folks fill-ins to see
if there were some I could use but I didn’t.
I think I must be pretty boring.
But I don’t cheat.


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11 thoughts on “FFI week 56, I’m boring…

  1. You are funny. Summer makes me cranky. Hot, humid, too much to do, hot, humid, sweaty, did I mention hot & humid? *augh* Yes, AC is necessary. I really prefer fans in the windows, but…hot & humid. It amazes me that as a kid, we never had AC. And we lived in 3rd-floor apts in Chicago, small homes in SE Texas, and places in between. How did I ever make it to adulthood? *wink* HUGS!

    1. We didn’t have A/C either. I don’t think kids are as cranky because of the weather as adults can be. I also think it is hotter now than when I was a kid. I do know that living in the city is hotter than in the country.

  2. Heat and humidity make me cranky, too. I ask CH almost every day if it is fall yet. I really love fall… 🙂 In all fairness, we have had a beautiful spring. But yesterday the humidity and 90 degrees was a rude awakening!

    1. I seem to find the heat and humidity more troublesome now than I did when I was younger. I am definitely looking forward to fall.

  3. I complain to my husband that I am boring all the time. These were hard questions. The only one I could have answered with anything of interest was the last one. As for the others, I play Free Cell too. How boring is that? You don’t even do that with people (that’s the best part!).

    1. I like doing things without other people. There are just a few friends that I really enjoy being with for any length of time.

  4. Thank you for your fill-in answers, you are not boring. I like all the kitty photos you added. I agree with your #1, good point. Have a nice weekend!

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