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It’s happening…

Celebrating the Small Things this week.

It has been a quiet week but not without things getting done.
Handyman was here and started work on the pantry.

I will finish painting it today or tomorrow and then
Handyman will come back to install the shelves.

The other happening was the delivery of the new kitchen cabinets!

The delivery guys were the cutest fellas.
Don’t have an installation date yet but should know Monday.

Once the old cabinets are torn out and the new put in
then I will have to get to the finish work;
sanding, priming and painting the walls.
Can’t say I am looking forward to that part of the project
but I am looking forward to my new kitchen.

So, I celebrate
having Handyman do his thing,
having the cabinets delivered and
the cute delivery guys.

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14 thoughts on “It’s happening…

  1. Ooh! A new kitchen is so exciting! I’m so happy for you! We broke a handle on a kitchen drawer recently, and today hubby bought a new one and put it on. That was my big thrill for the week. LOL!

  2. How fun to get new kitchen cabinets! And cute delivery guys is an extra treat. I’m currently sanding down and re-staining mine, and I’m thinking that doing it your way would have been so much more fun.

    1. My way is certainly less work. I have done it your way with repainting what I have twice. This time new was the way to go.

    1. This part has been fun as will the installation will be. But the finishing work I am not sure about because I will be doing it since the budget limit has been met. 🙂

    1. Cutting the opening for the pantry door sure was dirty! Still have dust settling. I am looking forward to the word done being said. But it will be awhile.

    1. It is exciting. Took me forever to get to this point so when I feel impatient with some delays I try to remember I have been planning this for 20 years so a few weeks is nothing.

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