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She graduated…

In Other Words
Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
using the word graduate.


Once again she was asked how she kept going with all the troubles she seemed to collect like other people collect whatever it is they like to collect.  She never knew how to answer; she didn’t have any special secret or formula. All she knew was that she wasn’t going to give up and let the big bad wolf win! Being a graduate of The School of Hard Knocks has its advantages, after all, it made her a strong woman and a fighter, not a quitter.

In Other Words
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6 thoughts on “She graduated…

    1. Women are stronger than they think or are given credit. You are right our strength is not always appreciated and it is often feared.

  1. Inspiring and encouraging! We have something that we say to each other here, from the Nemo movie . . .”just keep swimming swimming swimming! “. :). Thank you!

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