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FFI week 58…

Friendly Fill-Ins, week 58

  1. I challenge everyone to be patient with everyone, including yourself, this week.
    2. I regret disposing of…I don’t regret but I do think I should have taken more time in the clearing out of my brother’s house after he died.


  2. I have a difficult time admitting that I have been hurt.
    4. If I were given a psychic power, I would like it to be-I don’t want a psychic power of any kind, life is confusing enough as it is. 


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18 thoughts on “FFI week 58…

  1. Sorry you had to deal with the stuff after your brother’s death. Even without being a hoarder, things accumulate. After living in this house for over 13 years, I am sure it would take a long time to get all the stuff sorted through. Have a great weekend.

  2. I accept your challenge in #1. I did the Fill-ins in Two Spoiled Cat’s blog’s comments which is where I first found the Fill-ins. I flip between doing them there and at 15andmeowing and I felt the same way about #4. I am sorry about your brother. My Mom wasn’t a hoarder but she bought lots of extra things like 30 pairs of Dearfoam slippers, a whole lot of shoes, lots of extra kitchen supplies, and I found at least 20 rosaries. I found all kinds of surprises when she died and I couldn’t handle going through her apartment. It was just too hard. My husband had it taken care of. I agree with Debbie about you being honest and real and I believe that it helps me to read your words and say yes, I am not alone. I feel that way over at Kate’s blog all the time, too… 🙂

    1. It is hard to see a loved one’s things sorted through. All of it was important to them even if some of it seems like trash. Thank you, Pix, for your kind words.

  3. Great answers, I accept that challenge. I am sorry that you lost your brother. You are wise to not want a super power. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Love you and love your fill in’s! You are honest and real. :). I am sorry about your brother, how that was hard enough, but then his house was so full too.

  5. I guess we could deal with those things a loved one leaves behind for a long time. In some ways I would have just liked to enshrine my mother’s house after she passed so I could take longer to go through her stuff. I think my bigger concern should be about my own stuff and what I’m going to do with all of it before I leave this Earth.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. The problem was that my brother was a hoarder. It took the company that cleared it out four or five hours a day (with a crew of three or four each day) six weeks to finish. As for my stuff…I am spending this year fixing up, giving away, and throwing out. The hard part will be to keep it gone.

  6. I support your challenge. We need more patience and less judgment. I think we sometimes clear out things left behind as a way of self defense. It is painful. I have the same issue! It is hard for me to express hurt. It seems some people can throw a tantrum when they are hurt. They let everyone know. But, like you, I keep it in. Often, I never express it. I’m fine. I think my intuition is maybe a curse. I know when I ignore it, I regret it! HUGS!

    1. My brother was a hoarder and I just couldn’t deal with his death AND his house. I have strong intuition and it does not make me happy. I would be happier not to have insight to the future.

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