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The Field…

Three Line Tales, week 73

tltweek73photo by Christian Widell via Unsplash

The Field

Not long ago this field was filled with laughing children chasing after a ball hoping for a goal for their team.  Then one day near the end of a game all of them were gone, just gone without a trace.  Now we come to the empty field of green grass feeling scared and angry, wondering where they are and why they disappeared and…we grieve.

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12 thoughts on “The Field…

  1. Sad to say there are so many missing children these days. … on a lighter note, maybe a UFO beamed them up to a more peaceful planet. 🙂

    1. I sort of had the image of the children being taken up somewhere wonderful in my head when I wrote the three lines. A place that would appreciate them for who they are and not who adults think they should be.

  2. Your picture and three line leave me with all kinds of questions. We went to a suburb of St, Louis which is home for us for a few days and we were amazed at how few children we saw playing outside. I don’t think kids play outside anymore… what are they doing I wonder.

    1. I rarely if ever see kids when I am out for a walk. I have no idea what they are doing or where they are but they are missing out on a wonderful part of childhood. But then I guess it is not as friendly and safe world outside as it was when I was a kid.

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