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Not fun but good…

Celebrating The Small Things


Have you ever noticed how sometimes the most irritating and aggravating things can end up being good things?  This week has been one of those weeks filled with frustration. It started on Monday and has continued until today and will probably continue for awhile.  As crazy as it sounds the bother of the week has made me see how easy and pleasant my life is and I am grateful.  It also made me aware that my temper needs some discipline and patience doesn’t happen without thought.  Being reminded of these things was good, not fun but good.

This week was not what I like but just what I needed.
Sometimes we need a little trouble to keep us humble.
So, I celebrate all the small things I take for granted.

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16 thoughts on “Not fun but good…

  1. It seems much harder for me now to go with the flow but I do give it a good try to be patient and realize how lucky I am. But then sometimes I get a little cranky going and can’t control it! It is so true how trouble can humble us quickly. I think if I could sit on your balcony or a porch in the mountains my patience would return… 🙂

    1. It is silly to be bothered by the small troubles I have. I am truly abundantly blessed and have no reason to be upset about stuff that can’t be helped or changed but I am. It does help to sit on the balcony and just be in the beauty of creation.

  2. You’re not alone in your feelings. I have to do a spell check on myself every now and then. Why get annoyed over something that is not within my control – I keep telling myself.

  3. You are right but I still don’t like it! It seems like there is always something going on that I have to work around or compensate for. Then again it’s better than the alternative.

    1. Usually I can go with the flow but this has the flow dammed…or damned may be a more honest way to put it. Gotta work on my attitude.

  4. I am sorry that you had a rough week. I can relate to your way of thinking, though. It does require a conscious effort to change the way we think. It is not always easy, but it important to take the time to think. Perspective is everything. Thank you for sharing yours. I appreciate you. Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Annie. I think my attitude needs an adjustment and I better get to it because the problem won’t be going away for a few weeks.

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