11 thoughts on “June 2017…

    1. Yeah, it will be fine when it’s done. Today I finalized the corrections that have to be made so it should be done in a month. Then I get to do my part of the job, painting. The view I have makes the apartment special. I love it.

  1. Hang in there Patricia, we went through 6 months of having worker bees in the house and I nearly lost it. We took the whole roof off the family room to change the pitch to match the rest of the roof and extended it out for a new porch. We hadn’t had rain for months and guess what happened that day????????? I am not good with people working in the house. I tried to think about how nice it was going to be but I didn’t do a very good job. I had some big smiles when all the workers were finally gone. I should have parked myself on your balcony!

    1. Hopefully, this little reno will be done soon. There was a problem and two cabinets have to be replaced. Will be another few weeks for them to come in and to get on the installers schedule. In the meantime there is some others things that can be done. I am having the hardest time choosing paint! It was easier choosing the cabinets. I don’t like having strangers in my apartment so it’s a good thing the work they have to do won’t take too long. Then it’s my turn to prime and paint.

    1. Kitchen update has been waiting 20 years. Decided that was long enough to wait! The view outside is gorgeous and always relaxes me.

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