17 thoughts on “Someone Said Saturday…

  1. But who or what am I ? When I think I have an estimation after deep introspection I see not only that I am not the same person as I passed through decades or merely years or even yesterday. Already but not yet ? I did give up on perfection but I do the very best I can and then leave it at that. Consolation in knowing I did my best. Sometimes things turn out near perfect though. I call it craftsmanship.

    1. Maybe crafting your life is one of the ways to perfection. I think if we are perfect we are probably dead and in Heaven.

  2. I gave up on being perfect back in my thirties… it was wearing me out. Becoming myself was hard on a few people who wanted me to keep being someone that I was not…. 🙂

    1. I know exactly what you mean. There are those who want you to be who and what they think you should be. I think that is too much trouble so I will just be me.

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