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Teddy chats…


 Hi, Peoples.  It’s me, Teddy.  Mama said I could stop in at the Tuesday Chatter Cafe to say hello today and show you my new favorite place to sleep.

Mama is getting new kitchen cabinets and there is one just perfect for me.

Doesn’t this look like it was made for me?

The best part is that Jack doesn’t get up on the kitchen counter so he won’t get in my space like he usually does.

Mama says not to get used to it because when the right cabinet comes and is installed it will have a door so I won’t be able to get in it.  I don’t know what she means about a right cabinet changing things. This cabinet is in the middle so the right cabinet shouldn’t change anything.  She can be confused sometimes and often confusing.

Purrs to all,

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12 thoughts on “Teddy chats…

    1. It is very much the style but not in a home with two cats so the cabinet will have a glass door. I put up with cat hair almost everywhere except the kitchen. That’s the rule I (try) to enforce.

    1. It is important to have our own space but Teddy will have to find another, hopefully soon. Jack’s space is on the top of the armoire and Teddy’s usual place is under the bed or in the closet when Jack opens the door for him. I like sharing with my catkids but not the kitchen cabinets!

  1. It’s been a while since you posted Teddy! Good to see that you are still very agile and can find nice places to rest. I think mama should keep that cabinet as is.

  2. I don’t think I have met Teddy. I have seen pictures but not had the experience of one of his chats. Teddy, you are very handsome. Yes, the cabinet does look like it was made for you. Just the right size and such a nice contrast of colors. The cabinet doors are very nice and would be my choice.

    1. Teddy had his own blog once upon a time but time wise one of us had to give up a blog. Since I am the only typist his went and mine stayed. As long as the kitchen is incomplete and the cabinets unused Teddy can indulge himself for awhile.

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