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In Other Words

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word scorching.


Wickedly vicious
Fires of hatred burn hot
Scorching tender hearts
From the flames come warriors
Conquer evil with the truth

In Other Words
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11 thoughts on “Scorching…

  1. Patricia,

    I’m taking a blogging hiatus this summer for the most part, except for my Monday mewsic posts which I co-host. Anywho, while filtering through my inbox it occurred to me that I hadn’t visited in a while so here I am. Did you miss me? Probably not. lol Anywho, I enjoyed your creative spin with the prompt and decided to include mine here.

    There’s no escaping
    The scorching sun’s rays
    Beating down on my brow
    Millions of miles away
    On these long hot summer days

    Perhaps after Labor Day when I resume my regular blogging schedule I can play along more often. I really wish to encourage my creative writing more as this is something I allowed to slip being too busy with other things in Blogosphere. Have a joyful day, my friend! 😉

    1. Enjoy your time away from blogging. I haven’t been very good about visiting or commenting on other blogs or even responding to comments here. Sometimes it all gets away from me and I just start over.

  2. the boardwalk – Sandy
    yip step sun’s surface scourching
    some more icey drinks?
    think not even one moment
    sun burn cison a’courtin’

    moon in june swoon already 😛 I did actually such is too many clicks so i such is just what I sorta see. but i sat to think macaroni cream cheesed- bubble noodles then turn down- or scorching a breeze.. ack moon in june again 🙂 I’m OUT OF HERE!

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