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Libraries and books…

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My father loved to read and he shared the love of books with me.  Even before I learned to read I would go to the library with him.  He went every couple of weeks to get his supply of books and while he searched for just the right books to get I would wander the aisles in the wonder of all the shelves of books impatient for the day when I could have a library card and be permitted to take books home.

When I was finally in the first grade the wonderful day came and I got my library card.  I have not been without one since that day. Every couple of weeks I go to the library to wander and wonder and choose books just like Daddy did all those years ago.

The library here is renovating all the branches and now it is my libraries turn.  My branch will be closed for about a year.  Of course, there are other branches but not within walking distance so not as convenient. I will survive the year, though inconveniently.  It is wonderful that the library will be updated with meeting and media rooms,  and more computers.  It will be light and fresh and new. It is exciting but it is also sad. Sad because there will be fewer books, actual printed paper books with covers that spark the imagination. Real books to leaf through and read a sentence here and there before checking it out at the front desk and carrying it home.

It is probably a good thing that I am as old as I am because I will not know the day when there are no real books. When libraries will be buildings with meeting and media rooms and computers.  Nice, even beautiful buildings, but bare of shelves holding the world of books with written words waiting to be wandered through with wonder. Sad for me and sad for the readers of the future, too, who will only know e-books read on computers and tablets and phones. They will not know books that have weight and presence that can be leafed through back-and-forth, felt and held like a friend or lover.

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12 thoughts on “Libraries and books…

    1. I know what you mean when you say reading saved you. It was often a safe haven for me and still is sometimes when the world gets me down.

  1. Hello Patricia,
    I saw your post from Nikki.
    Such a great topic for a post. The memories of you and your dad are so lovely and he has given you a great legacy in the love of books.
    I hope you manage well enough without the benefit of walking to your local library.
    Wishing you all the best,
    Di 💐✨✨

    1. It has been a wonderful gift that he gave me this love of books. Getting to another library branch is a bother but not impossible. Just takes some thought and planning. I think I will be fine although
      there will be some grumbling. Thanks for visiting and do come again.

      1. Hello Patricia,
        Thank you for your reply.
        I enjoyed your post very much. Until another time, hope you enjoy your new library…
        Di 💐🙋🏻

  2. The library is my second home as well, and my local library recently finished their renovations as well. I understand what you mean about the bittersweet feeling of renovations. As much as I love the advancement of technology, I will probably never be able to let go of my love for holding a physical book in my hands, breathing in that new book smell, and feeling the paper between my fingers.

    1. Digital books just do not come close to “real” books that have weight, smell, and texture. It’s nice to have the option when traveling or if I haven’t gotten to the library but definitely not my first choice.

  3. That is a lovely memory about your Dad. We spent countless hours in the library when our son was little. We had a special (huge) bag we would bring in with us and our son would fill it with books. Then we would spend the next 2 weeks reading and re-reading those books…till it was time to go again. ❤

    1. I love it when I see kids and their parents at the library. It is one of the few times no one is on a phone or tablet and are connecting face to face.

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