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In Other Words, awash…

In Other Words


Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word awash.
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14 thoughts on “In Other Words, awash…

  1. Hey Patricia,

    Another fun challenge, thank you. Appropriately, we’ve a storm brewing here in Wales, UK, so…

    Her day a play awash with grey
    Her theatre a drama of turbid Love.
    From high overhead her fears and dread,
    Fall as tears raining down from above.
    Enjoy your weekend. Take care 🙂



  2. Twin toddlers with paints, / Fill bare bellies in brush strokes, / Awash with color.
    (When my brother and sister were toddlers, my mom gave them water color paints and sent them outside to paint. They ended up painting each other:))

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