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Getting there…

Celebrating The Small Things


Today I celebrate some small repairs that were done in my apartment by the handyman.  He also did some work to prepare for the sheetrock that will be done next week.

I am also celebrating that I have the paint to do the doors and closets.  There are four closets and eleven doors.  I will be celebrating big time when I get this done! I may be awhile before the celebration because I am doing the painting.  I don’t especially like painting so I have to give myself a pep talk to get started.  Some days it works some days not.

I am also happy that I found the size air vent I need for the furnace closet door.  I found it online now just have to order it.

The kitchen is still not done but I am hopeful that I will be celebrating its completion in the near future.  This project has not gone as smoothly as hoped but I waited for twenty-one years to do this so a few more weeks is okay…sorta.

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13 thoughts on “Getting there…

    1. I think sheetrock here and sheetrock there are two different things. Here it is like a wall board…not wood though…that is nailed to wall studs then primed and painted or papered, it’s not stone. Anyway, I will try to have fun painting. 🙂

    1. I am not looking forward to having it done and will be very happy when it is finished…which should be this week. This kitchen project has had its share of surprises causing it to be about six weeks off schedule. Bummer.

    1. Yeah, lots to do. I have been putting it off and now that I am home most of the time it’s bothering me. Easy to ignore when only home at night not so much when you add all day.

    1. The work others are doing though progressing slowly is getting done. Not quite the same for the work I have planned to do myself. I am a PROcrastinator.

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