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Life Upside Down…

Three Line Tales, Week 78

tltweek78photo by Mahdis Mousavi via Unsplash

Life Upside Down

She worked hard to get to the top and once there had money and the things it can buy but her heart was empty.  Now she is walking away and going back to where she came from to try and find the girl who dreamed of a life of covered-dish suppers, church, cartoons on TV, concerts in the park, and a noisy house filled with family, friends, laughter, and love. The farther from the top she moved the more she thought that maybe she had been looking at the world upside down.

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6 thoughts on “Life Upside Down…

  1. I never made it to the top and don’t regret it. I worked retail in small gift stores and I loved what I did. A great job for a shy introvert. It brought me out of my solitude. Your last comment about “drowning in the opinions of others as to what success is and what it means to be successful”… Yes!

    1. I worked as a hairdresser and in retail. I managed a small card shop for a time and I hated it. Liked the job before I became manager though. After that, I was quite happy just being one of the underlings in the jobs I had.

    1. I think we are sometimes drowning in the opinions of others as to what success is and what it means to be successful. It took me years to accept who I am and live my life as I want without regrets or apology.

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