7 thoughts on “Someone Said Saturday…

    1. I keep waiting for the day I will feel like an adult all grown up. I guess if it hasn’t happened by now it probably won’t.

  1. Ha, that would be me… 🙂 I had to be the adult when I was a kid, now I want to be the kid!
    Choosing paint colors for the kitchen is a very adult thing to do. I am terrible at paint colors for the house. I paint all the walls Kilim Beige and stay in lighter similar colors… 🙂 Love Sherwin-Williams’ site to explore paint colors. Makes it a bit easier… for me.
    Good Morning, Patricia!

    1. I have no problem with being in disguise. If choosing paint colors is an adult task that may be why I don’t like the task. I am trying to go with more neutral shades but I like greens and aquas. The kitchen is open to the living room so it all has to flow…or so I am told.

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