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It wasn’t only troubles…

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As I lay on my bed with my life slowly fading away, I listen to my family and friends talk about me and my life and the many lovely things they have to say about me; how kind and loving I was, how I always had time to talk with them and the good advice I gave, what a great cook I was and how I shared everything I had with everyone whether I knew them or not. They are also talking about how hard my life has been and all the troubles I have experienced without whining or complaining.  If I wasn’t near my last breath I would sit straight up and tell them a thing or two about my life that they need to know.  Oh, Lord, please give me ten minutes more before the angels sing me home so I can tell them about my life and how it wasn’t all troubles and woes. I want to tell them it was filled with the most astonishing gift of joy, the great and wondrous joy that gave me the strength to endure the troubles they remember.

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6 thoughts on “It wasn’t only troubles…

  1. Now, that is the spirit. Indeed, there are many good things. It is those that keep us going. We need to look past the negative. It may have helped to shape us, but it does not define us. Too often, people choose to stay in the sorrow, not allowing others to lift them up. Their vision somehow becomes skewed. I choose joy and try to wipe off the glasses of those who do not see it. Often, I end up soiled…but, I keep going, too. Hugs. (Now, I need to go write this comment down…there is a story here.)

    1. I do hope that when I am waiting to hear the angels sing me home that people will know that in my life there was joy throughout the troubles and will be encouraged. I look forward to your story!

    1. Thanks, Debbie, so glad you liked the story. I have been a bit cranky lately and I have had to have a talk with the Boss. Don’t know why it is so easy to get sidetracked into the woe is me thing. You would think that by now I would know better. 🙂

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