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Hummingbird visitor…

Celebrating The Small Things


Yesterday while sitting on my balcony enjoying the view and the breeze a tiny gray hummingbird fluttered by. Then a few minutes later he came back and did an another fly-by, showing off a bit. It was such a surprise!  I have never seen a hummingbird on my balcony before.  I don’t know what brought him here.  Maybe the flowers in pots but I have always had flowers out there and never a hummingbird.  Whatever the reason for his visit it was lovely and made me smile.

So, today I bought a hummingbird feeder and nectar.  I hung it on the railing watching for another visit but doubtful that it would happen.  Surprise! Within an hour a hummingbird was fluttering around and checking out the feeder.  He took a few sips and was on his way.  I wonder if this will be a regular stop on his daily rounds?  I hope he does come back and brings his family and friends.

The hummingbird’s visit…a small thing…worthy of a celebration.

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16 thoughts on “Hummingbird visitor…

  1. What a lovely surprise! We have an occasional humming bird. I tried hanging out a feeder, but have had little luck. May your see many birds in your future.

  2. It is always special to have a hummingbird visit! I can’t believe how excited I get. I am glad the little hummingbird came back and used your feeder!

    1. So am I! He/she has been back every day and there has also been a green one a couple of times. I hope they spread the word.

  3. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will have many hummingbird visitors. We enjoy watching them. Right now they are not being very nice, dive-bombing each other at the feeders. We have two feeders, and I can see others on the porches of our neighbors. It’s not like they are desperate! I guess they have a need for greed.

    1. I don’t think there are any other feeders nearby. I haven’t seen any of my neighbor’s balconies and houses are across the street. So far I have only seen the one bird but maybe he will tell others. Maybe your dive bombing birds are just playing or maybe their mother’s didn’t teach them proper manners.

    1. That’s odd and a bummer. I have been told that hummingbirds tend to return to the same place each year. The feeder I bought was less than four dollars so if no one stops by other than disappointment there will be no loss. How often do you change the nectar? I am thinking every couple of days, does that seem right?

      1. Yes. I made a batch (most of it is in the fridge) and I keep changing it but no results. When the batch is gone, I’m putting it away for the season. There has been some articles in the paper that hummingbirds are scarce in our area this year.

  4. Our experience with hummingbirds and putting out a feeder is that they will come back. We use to have several feeders when we had the house in FL and it was a real treat to watch them.

    In the apartment complex where we are living, we are not allowed to have any type of bird feeders, however, we have had several families of doves grow up in one of our potted plants. We love to watch their process from beginning to end especially when the babies are learning to fly. So, we still are able to enjoy one of the miracles of nature.

    1. I am hoping to see hummingbirds at the feeder. I wonder how they know where the food is? Was my little visitor a scout searching out places for lunch? What fun to have a nest to watch. I had a pigeon’s nest one year but I was sure to discourage future nests when the babes got their flying feathers. Pigeons are messy and they stink.

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