13 thoughts on “Quotes and Questions #1…

  1. My wife’s cat is a great comfort to her she sits on her lap in the recliner and sleeps by her feet at night she’s, 17 years old. I don’t know which one of us is going to go first but it’s going to be a sad day around This Old House before too long.

    1. How wonderful to have a catkid for so many years. My Dolly lived to be nineteen so there could be a couple more good years to be had at your house. I hope so!

  2. I have several. I will continue to rescue as long as I am able to because they deserve it. Animals are genuine. They are who they are, and do not pretend to be something else. They like you or not; no ulterior motives. They can be trusted. They have always been there for me, asking nothing in return, expecting nothing more than I gave. The love and respect are mutual. They are my tribe.

    1. It is true they have no ulterior motives or agenda. They add so much to life and ask so little of us. My life would be sort of barren without my furry kids.

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