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Once in a lifetime…

Tuesday Chatter
about a once in a lifetime event.


Yesterday there was a total eclipse of the sun
and I saw it from my balcony!
The day started out cloudy but about 2:20 the clouds parted
and the traveling moon could be seen.
Around 2:40 the sun was gone and it was dark as night.
The eclipse was total for about three or four minutes
then the moon moved on and the sun was shining again.
This is the only total eclipse I have ever seen…or will ever see.
I am glad I got to witness it.
It was rather strange and beautiful.

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13 thoughts on “Once in a lifetime…

  1. We had a perfect eclipse day — wonderful spot, marvelous relatives to share it with, no clouds around at the crucial time, and a tree to shade the car. We will treasure the memories. I’m so glad you got to see it, too.

    1. There were places in the city that didn’t see the eclipse because of clouds and showers. But from my balcony, it was nearly cloudless and the view was spectacular. We may not be in charge but those who think they are boss are making a mess!

  2. Very special you were able to see it, and from your balcony! We got to see it but it was a lucky break because we had clouds, too. We had total eclipse at 1:14 PM and it lasted 2 minutes. It was quite amazing and beautiful.

    1. It was amazing and beautiful. If you didn’t expect it or know what was happening it could be frightening. I can understand why people of the past feared it and saw it as an omen.

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