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  1. If you don’t work for it you will never appreciate it, my old idea. Vince Lombardi wanted a hundred 20% from his ball players, he figured hard work would bring them success. By the size of their paychecks, looks like they have success on day one in my book.

    1. It is true that what we work for has more value than what is simply handed to us. and often the rewards have nothing to do with money or things money can buy.

  2. I prefer to think of work as being part of a productive life. There are good days and bad, but the same is true of vacation or retirement. Nothing is 100% pleasant all of the time.

    1. I have had jobs I liked and enjoyed but there have been a couple that I didn’t like or enjoy at all. By far my favorite “job” is retirement. 🙂

  3. I am retired now so I view the kind of work you do for a living as happy to have it behind me. Retirement is very nice. I do enjoy work that keeps my mind and body limbered up but I do love to sit on a porch chair and do nothing but listen to the sounds of outside. It seems to me from the people I know and most people I talk to that work is viewed as a necessary evil. I worked retail when I was working and I truly enjoyed it.

    1. I am happy to be done with having to work for a living, too. I like retirement…a lot! In retirement the work I do is personally more rewarding. I have had jobs I enjoyed and some I really didn’t like that were a necessary evil until something else came along.

  4. You always give us good things to think about! Gosh, I hope that work as a necessary evil isn’t the common mindset. But I am older now. . .not sure what most people think! Personally, I am happier if I have some kind of work to do, whether it is just things at home or something I get paid for. :). Happy weekend to You!

    1. I agree that we need some work to give us purpose and reason to get up in the morning but today’s workplace is not often a secure or comfortable place. I think the days of having a feeling (at work) that is honest and strong with a sense of comaraderie has disappeared.

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