12 thoughts on “Quotes and Questions #5…

    1. Seems life is full of tests some are known about ahead of time some just pop up. I can’t say I care for either kind but try to do my best to get an A and happy with a B or C. Unfortunately, there have been more than a few D’s and fails. Life does have its ups and downs.

  1. It is the chicken and the egg. It seems the things I was taught later became tests. If I had done my homework when Grampy, or Pastor, or whatever adult, had tried to instill in me, I passed. If I had not done my work, Life taught the lesson. Thankfully, I always have had a strong conscience. I do not like to those who truly believe in me. I have also often learned from other’s mistakes, especially the women in my “family”.

    1. A wise woman learns from the lessons of others. I have always been stubborn so I learn most my lessons through my own trial and error often not paying attention to others. With age, I have gained some wisdom and now though still stubborn I do listen to others and learn from them.

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