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5 lines and a haiku…

In Other Words prompt, grandparent
Ronovanwrites Haiku prompt, touch and miss

In Other Words

The Stars


He died when she was three or four but she remembers him.  He laughed and smiled a lot and sometimes she saw tears in his eyes. He told her stars were little holes in the curtains the angels closed at night and people we love who are in heaven can see us through those holes.  She knew her grandparent, her Pa, was watching her when she saw the stars at night. Now many many years later when she looks up at the night sky she knows Pa is watching her from one the starry holes.


Touch the heart softly
Sweet laughter and silent tears
Forever to miss

In Other Words
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12 thoughts on “5 lines and a haiku…

  1. This is a beautiful and touching story, Patricia. All of my grandparents had passed away before I was born so I never had the pleasure of meeting them.

    1. I had my grandparents, except for Pa, until I was a young teen. I did not appreciate them as I should have. They were people with interesting stories and I wish I knew more about their lives.

  2. Oh, Patricia. I love this, really love this story. My Grampy passed when I was 26, but this is the relationship we had. I remember him so vividly and miss him daily. Your haiku is a bonus of the heart. Hugs, my dear friend.

    1. This is one of two memories I have of my Pa. He died young and I am the only grandchild who knew him. The rest were tiny babies or not born yet. I look forward to your story.

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