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Always behind…


It’s Wednesday and I am at the Tuesday Chatter Cafe. Seems that these days I am always behind on my blog reading and commenting and I am not sure why. Maybe it is partly because I am continuing with my weekend computer fasts. I turn the computer off Friday night and don’t turn it back on until Monday. This afternoon I got almost caught up with reading blogs I follow. I still have today’s posts to read but it will be tomorrow before that happens so I will be behind again. Then it will be Friday and time to turn the computer off. And…I am behind responding to comments on my blog. Bear with me, be patient, I am old you know.

How do you stay up to date in blogdom?

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14 thoughts on “Always behind…

    1. I only blog here these days. I no longer Facebook and never Twittered or any of the gazzillion other sites we can post on. It is just too easy to lose hours of the day sitting staring at a screen. I am determined to find a balance here!

  1. Before my husband and I sold our home and bought a motorhome, I was on my computer everyday and often in a day. Now that we travel a lot, I get messages from my antivirus program telling me to sign onto my computer at least every three days. I try. When we winter and be still for a few months at a time, I hope I’ll do better. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  2. I don’t stay up to date… 😀 Don’t stress over it… easy for me to say. I am just happy to read what you blog. You know how blogging was stressing me out. I cut back on blogs that I read and I try to keep it simple… I took a break and feel like I am ready for another one. Ha!

    1. It is interesting how easy blogging can become addictive. Maybe I should look into a Blogs Anonymous sort of group. But then I suppose that could be another addiction.

  3. I am always behind. There is so much going on, and I do not put it all on the blog. I feel bad, but I do think living has to come first. I hope to someday catch up, but I will try anyway. Hugs.

    1. “Living has to come first” so true! I like this blogging past-time and I need to remember it is just that a hobby not a for profit or world changing endeavor.

  4. I fall behind, as well. I had to narrow down those that I follow. I would love to read all that comes my way but I have a life other than social media. Don’t feel guilty because blog land is supposed to be fun and not work unless you use your blog for business purposes. Thank you for visiting Tuesday Chatter. 😃

    1. I, too, would like to read everything written by so many talented folks but I cannot so I am learning that there are times I have to skip a few posts.

  5. Bless you! Well, I stopped following a lot of blogs and turned off comments and likes so then I don’t feel guilty if I can’t get to the few blogs I still follow! Haha! This way is not for everyone! But I applaud your taking the weekend away from the computer. It is a time zapper!

    1. I certainly understand the guilt thing. I am trying to remember I started this blog trip simply to write some of my thoughts down and to see if I could create stories not as a popularity contest or numbers game. It does make me happy to hear from folks! But I am trying to remember blogging is only one small part of life and not to let it take over all my time and energy. I understand about no comments and likes but I sure would like to “like” your posts they are wonderful!

  6. It’s called being available more than I should so I do sort of stay up to date. I feel obligated to respond to posts that I have initiated the prompt for but being retired does give me that time.

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