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Today I am chatting at Eugenia’s Tuesday Chatter Cafe about bags.

Did you know today is National Handbag Day?  Maybe you knew but it was news to me. I have a love-hate relationship with handbags or in my world, purses. I love cute little wristlets and clutches but hate that you have to hold them in your hand and nothing much fits in them. I hate big tote bag kind of purses because they are well, big and get in the way but I love that they are big and you can carry everything you might possibly need and lots of room for stuff you might pick up while you are out and about.
cat-20841_640I think men are finding they need bags. I see a lot of men carrying them. Of course, they don’t call them purses or totes. Used to be only businessman types had briefcases but now men, in general, have messenger bags, backpacks, and satchels.
bag-1868758_640Anyway, back to me. I have been trying to carry less stuff. Not working has helped because I always had a lot of stuff in my purse that I might need at work. Rarely needed most of it but when I did I was glad I did have whatever it was I needed. Sometimes, these days I go to the store with just my wallet, keys, and phone. But it kind of makes me anxious not having my purse and what I might need that is in it. That and I have to wear clothes with pockets and pockets only look good when they are empty, with stuff in them pockets look funny to me. Also, things fall out of pockets and not out of purses…unless you forget to snap or zip the purse and you drop it then you can lose things. Okay, enough chatter about this. See ya later.

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9 thoughts on “Handbags…

  1. I can truly relate. I carry a bag, which I consider a medium size bag. I have several bags but there is one that works best for the “stuff” that I carry. I also carry stuff for my husband, which adds to the weight of my bag. I would love to just carry a wallet and my phone but then I have glasses and other items I feel I might need. Oh well. Thank you for visiting Tuesday Chatter.

    1. I have medium size bags but when I ride the bus I carry a large bag so I can shop or go to the library and not have lots of things to keep track of. What did men do with their stuff before they became husbands?

    1. I have tried the wallet/phone thing but for some reason, I feel better with a purse. But it bugs me to carry one. I think I need professional help. 🙂

  2. I agree with you about all of this! :). I like to get handbags for other people , but don’t use them myself. Kind of weird, huh! They look great and useful, but just don’t work for me!

    1. I don’t think not using a handbag is weird but for me it is difficult. I read an article a long time ago that the more secure a woman is the smaller her handbag. You must be a warrior woman!

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