12 thoughts on “Quotes and Questions #10…

    1. Why is that? We do things and think in ways, about time, that only make us crazy. Today should have the most important place in our heads and hearts.

  1. I guess it depends on what I am currently doing. I find fun moments seem forever in the coming and pass too quickly in the present but remain forever distilled in my memory. Then again painful moments particularly the ones I anticipate arrive in a blink seem to last forever in the moment and keep rising up from the past to bite me again.

    1. The older I get the present becomes a stronger part of life with the future not so worrisome as it once was and the past remembered but not as consuming as it used to be. But then there are days when the previous sentence means little and makes no sense.

      1. I totally get that. Yesterday was a day when those first sentences made no sense. I was consumed by the past and worried about the future and unable to settle in the present.

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