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  1. Patricia,

    Given Marilyn Monroe’s issues with men and substance abuse, I think she lacked confidence in herself. A character flaw women seem to have and it takes years for many to achieve if then. I found that with age comes confidence, especially if you have the “right” man in your life. Some men add to a woman’s fragile state of mind but then again some women tend to keep falling for the same losers that repeatedly make their lives so miserable. It’s truly sad, isn’t it? Oh…I forgot to answer the question. I believe Marilyn if she said this, hoped by saying this would make it so but we actions speaking louder than words. It’s so tragic to see anyone lead the kind of life that Marilyn Monroe led. She died way too young!

    1. She did have a sad and difficult life. Some of her own doing but with too many people trying to make her something different than she was I think she lost herself.

  2. I think she wished she believed it, and probably, at times, did hold on to it more as a goal. . .when she thought about it. Don’t we all of ideas we stick up like that?

    1. I think she was too intelligent to believe it and was just saying words that were expected of her. Yeah, I probably have some crazy ideas…

  3. No, I don’t think she believed this. I believe she was naive and wanted fame. She gained fame by doing what she knew best. Then, like so many stars, she got in over her head toward the end.

  4. Sadly, no. I do not think she believed this. I am not convinced she even said these words. I think she was tragic on many levels. I take issue with sexualization, even of oneself. Obviously she was. And look what happened.

    1. I think she was too intelligent to believe what she is quoted as saying. I think she was very intelligent but not very smart…if that makes any sense to you. She must have had some happy times but they did not outweigh the sad.

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