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Words and Sparks this week…

 Teddy has some lines for In Other Words.
This week’s word is, boss.
He also has a positive thought for Sparks 3
at McGuffy’s Reader

Teddy’s 5 Lines for In Other Words

I am not too fond of Jack but I didn’t want to say goodbye
because when Mama puts me in the cage it means just one thing.


I have an appointment with the Vet.
Mama says he is a very nice man but
what does she know? She just sits in a chair
smiling and talking to him while I get
poked, prodded, and shot.


But when we go home I get some treats and lovins
and take a well-deserved nap because Mama knows
I am the boss!


Teddy thinks Cleveland Amory was a very smart man
and shares this quote with you for
Sparks 3

As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time
well knows, cats have enormous patience
with the limitations of the human kind.
Cleveland Amory

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